lonelyfingers: Konversationsstücke - Tom SloanTom Sloan

lonelyfingers: Konversationsstücke

Commissioner: Susanne Titz, Director of Museum Abteiberg
Location: Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach Germany
Curator(s): lonelyfingers (Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hermández)
Status: Completed March 2013, exhibition runs 18 March to 05 June 2013
Photography: Anne Pöhlmann

“Konversationsstücke” is the first realised exhibition by lonelyfingers, presenting over 100 ‘finds’ from 12 international artists. lonelyfingers uniquely examines the process, rather than the outcome of contemporary art production. More specifically, it is concerned with its first stage: sourcing inspiration from existing objects. lonelyfingers began in 2012 as an online platform. Its presentation at one of Germany’s most revered art institutions, the Museum Abteiberg, testifies to the critical role of the curators and the host venue in a region widely acknowledged as Germany’s hotbed for critical discourse and contemporary art production.

The exhibition design is conceived in the the spirit of the project: working with materials ‘found’ at the museum. It presents a platform for the finds and a forum for exchange with respect to the Museum’s unique setting: an early example of post-modern museum architecture, designed by Austrian-born Hans Hollein and opened in 1982.

The design aims to invite the audience to sit in close proximity with the objects both during the week and the Sunday Conversations, the associated public programme of artists’ talks. The exhibition furniture includes a bar which is active on Sundays serving coffee, wine and cake.

The exhibition presents 11 of my objects, all found in Budapest and evolving from Blood Mountain’s ongoing research and production project, “Stories from Central Europe” (2011-). I participated in the Sunday Conversations with a talk (24 March 2013) and discussion with Jade Niklai, Blood Mountain’s Director.

Participating Artists
Daniel Barroca, Jay Batlle, Jarosław Fliciński, Jessica Gispert, Manuel Graf, Owen Gump, Diango Hernández, Rita McBride, Anne Pöhlmann, Glen Rubsamen, Tom Sloan, Monika Stricker

Public Programme
The exhibition is accompanied by conversation, coffee and cake with participating artists, taking place every second Sunday at 4pm (free with general admission)

17 March: Jay Batlle
24 March: Tom Sloan and Jade Niklai, co-founder/director of Blood Mountain
07 April: Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hernández, founders of lonelyfingers
21 April: Rita McBride
05 May: Jarosław Fliciński
19 May: Daniel Barroca
02 June: Glen Rubsamen








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